New & Redesigned Websites and Design-HTML Conversions

My policies, pricing, and contract are simple.

If you are looking for a set of design comps converted into HTML/CSS prototypes to integrate into your latest and greatest project, send me a jpg of the comp along with notes on what you require in the deliverable and I will provide you with a free quote. If the job grows in scope and expectation on your part, please expect me to increase the quote. If I under estimate my own time required for the project, you'll never know and hopefully be happy with the result. I want my work to be more than you expected - that's the goal. Sometimes it's reached, very seldom is it not.


My policies are simply these: Privacy is your priviledge. Any sensitive information shared will be kept private - consider it shredded, though I do keep records for tax purposes (if 'needed') and any future business we might do together. I don't sell anything about you I might know - for me that is bad juju - and I expect the same in return. If you want me to sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement), draw it up, send it to me and I will take a look. The only "lasting" thing I want out of our relationship (after, of course, receiving payment for services rendered) is the ability to share my work on my website (in my portfolio). If you are a large company and you have legal reasons why this is not possible, let's talk. If you are a small business, sorry - I retain the right to share at least this much information.


Ah, the "sticky wicket". Pricing all depends on the size and scope of the project. I will give you a quote and we can go from there. Pricing is usually negotiable, so feel free to counter offer. Please know this, though - I know when I am being low-balled. Never-the-less, I don't think you can find a better deal. I have a "full-time" job right now, so I am not dependent on the income to survive, but this means you will get a deal in price but "might" sacrifice a bit on timing. Still, I will quote you a delivery date and be faithful to it. Any problems and you will be the first to know and be given the chance to back out.


The contract is simple - you hire me, I do the work to your satisfaction, you pay me for services rendered. Small business on a tight budget or large company on a time schedule - I'm the one taking the biggest risk here. If you need a pen and ink contract, draw one up, send it to me, and I'll let you know. Normally this is not a problem. On my side, these are my requirements - Once you hire me and provide me with the assets or information I need to begin and provide me with one third payment up front, I will start work. Once the project is complete and accepted, I expect the balance paid in full. This is where things might get gray. How this last part plays out depends on too many factors to speculate on here. But suffice it to say, like everything else about what I do, there won't be a huge mystery going into the project - I will do my best to come to an agreement on payment. In that process, please don't feel any lack of trust. I trust you as much as you trust me :).

One Last Word

I hope all of the above you find satisfactory enough to at least make an inquiry. I love a challenge. Even more, I love to have clients that are pleased with what I do for them. Please contact me and let me know about your project and how you see I might be able to help. Thanks.

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