About Me

I Spend My Day

Collaborating - with clients (marketing, product, etc.), Content Creators, Back End Developers, Contractors, and management.

Interpreting - Designer's visions into workable code including color schemes, page architecture and layout, typography and content integration.

Combining - the work of Back End Developers, breaking design elements into components, and authoring code for each piece, creating working websites.

Testing - websites' looks and functionality in multiple devices (tablets and mobile), browsers and platforms.

Optimizing - analyzing websites for speed, performance, usability and adherence to requirements.

Troubleshooting & Fixing - websites that should be working, that were working and are now, not.

Researching - design trends, coding trends and new technologies to keep websites cutting edge and smart.

Personal Attributes

Concentration - sit in front of a computer most of the day (sometimes nights) coding and problem solving.

Personability - good at interacting with team members, contractors and clients, understanding needs and requests and answering questions.

Creativity - tweaking websites' form and function to be innovative and up to date with trends i.e. what the Designer envisioned within the limits of the tools and technologies.

Detail Orientation - making sure the interdependent components and code play nicely together.

Curiosity - in an ever changing industry like Web development, I am constantly looking at and deconstructing new ideas and trends to understand how they work and how they might improve the existing website.

Technical Skills

HTML5, CSS3, Sass, JavaScript, jQuery, Unix, PHP, Perl, Wordpress, Selenium, GitHub, Jira, Jenkins, Wiki, Photoshop for image editing.

My Credentials

17+ years experience in the field of Web design and development

Computer Science degree and other extracurricular educational endeavors

Work Environment

Home office & remote worker for 6+ years, in office travel often - lotsa rock and roll music and coffee.

Personal Interests

I am an avid bookworm - I read almost anything that comes within reach. I also do a bit of short story writing - nothing published yet :). Love animals and the outdoors. All this, of course, if I am not working on a personal challenge project or hard at work with my "real job".

My wife and I maintain a small business Web consultancy over at bulletproofpixels.com.

Contact Me

You can contact me at .

About Me

You really don't want to know :). Just an average 'joe'; A Software Engineer, Web Designer, avid bookworm, lover of nature and animals...

I have many years of experience working on website frontends. Expertise in HTML, CSS and Javascript. I also build websites for small brick and mortar businesses on Wordpress.

My wife and I have a Web Design and Consulting business over at bulletproofpixels.com.


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